A few weeks ago, I went out to try a film stock from Rollei, the Digibase CR200 on my trusty Hasselblad 500cm. I had high hopes for this experiment as the market that I went is the perfect colour and lighting for cross-processing this film stock. results below...

location: Duke of York Square - Saturday market

time: 12:00 - 14:00

Date: April 2018

Gear: Hasselblad 500cm + 80mm

film: Rollei Digibase CR200 (120mm)

developer: C-41

Rollei Digibase CR200 is a colour positive film or E6 film. It is ISO 200 and natively they are made to be developed using E6 chemicals. However, cross -processing (devloping it in C-41) is becoming very popular as the film colours will shift to a greenish turquiost with warm cast to it. 

Although cross-processing this does make the grains more visible but it is not a problem when the negative is this large! I am very satisfied when I got the images back! more below...


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