Summer has arrived...and its for sure time to visit the Petersham's nursary. It was bigger than I thought..much bigger. You could spend at least 3 hours there. Anyway, On the day I brought with  me the Hasselblad 500cm and my recent companion, Polaroid One step 2. I thought the colours of the plants and flowers would come out really nice through the polaroid, and it did! Scroll down and see it for ya self...

location: Petersham's Nursaries

time: 14:00 -17:00

Gear: Polaroid One Step 2 & Hasselblad 500cm

film: Polaroid 600 film & Portra 160

developer: C-41

This restaurant was close by to the petersham's nursaries.

Greens, greens, and greeeeeeens!

A sneaky shot of their workshop space whilte they're on their lunch break

This is my most favourite one, they sat there like 4 humans chatting away...


{based in london}